This week in RSU 18…

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June 04

MHS – MHS Senior Finals – P4, P5

8:30AM MMS – Team Atlantic to Flagship

9:00AM MMS – Team Katahdin to Thomas College

11:00AM MMS – Team Atlantic Field Day

4:00PM CMS – (if win) Baseball Playoff vs Whitefield AWAY

6:00PM MMS – MMS Celebration of Excellence


June 05

9:00AM MMS – MMS Chorus Rehearsal

12:15PM MMS – MMS Band Rehearsal

6:30PM CMS – China PTO Meeting CMS Lib.

6:30PM CPS – China PTO Meeting CMS Lib.

6:30PM CPS – China PTO Meeting CMS Lib.

6:30PM MHS – MHS Music Boosters

7:00PM MMS – MMS Concert Band and Chorus Concert


June 06

8:15 AM JHB – Senior March Through 8:15am

9:30AM MMS – Team Highlands to Wild Folk Farm & Maine Academy of Science

9:45AM MMS – Grade 6 Chorus Community Service Field Trip

11:00AM MMS – MHS Seniors visit MMS

5:30PM ATW – Girl Scout Troop Meeting


June 07

8:00AM MHS – MHS Senior Last Assembly

8:00AM MMS – Team Atlantic Author Visit

9:30AM MMS – Team Highlands Fieldtrip (rain date)

2:30PM MMS – MMS Robotics Meeting – grades 6-8

5:30PM JHB – Girl Scouts

1:45PM JHB – Kindergarten Learning Celebration


7:00PM MHS – MHS Graduation


June 08

MHS – MHS Qtr 4 – Grades Close

9:30AM MMS – WES grade 5 step up day

1:30PM JHB – Grade 1 Learning Celebration


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