“Paradise Found” in RSU 18


Earlier this week, two different teams from RSU 18 were named as winners in a competition designed to identify Maine’s best young “environmental visionaries.”

Meridian stories challenged students to craft one to two-minute videos illustrating the kind of state they wished to inherit. In “Paradise Found: The Search for Maine’s Top Ten Environmental Visionaries,” Meridian Stories, in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy, Maine Audubon and Wolfe’s Neck Farms, crafted a variety of prompts designed to give students the opportunity to address the environmental issues they felt most passionate about. According to the competition website, “The general audience for Paradise Found is today’s leaders in both the public and private sectors. This project is designed as a form of activism [and as a way] to help identify outstanding young thinkers and environmental visionaries in Maine.”

Not one but two teams of these outstanding young thinkers hail from RSU 18! The first team, composed of MMS students Spencer Gibson and Kimberly Spears, won with their video on the Atlantic Puffin; the team from China Middle school, made up of Kaiden Kelley, Gabe Pelletier, and Breckon Davidson won for “ Razorbill Bill – Maine’s New State Bird.”

There will be a ceremony at the Blaine House in Augusta on May 25th at 2:00 PM, where each winning team will receive $100 from Meridian Stories and a certificate.

For more information on the competition and to view all the videos go to http://www.meridianstories.com/badges/mapping/downtheroad/#


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