A Fond Farewell for Mr. Moody.


A principal’s job is often a thankless one.  The task– to juggle the needs of parents, students, and staff while adhering to policy at the state and local level–can be compared to doing postmodern ballet, on a tightrope, without a net.  And yet for the last five years at MHS we’ve had a leader who has managed to do this, for the most part graciously, with a smile, and a joke.  Always a joke.

For those who have not heard, this week we say goodbye to Principal Jon Moody as he moves into his new position of Assistant Superintendent in MSAD 54.  His positive leadership has helped MHS move forward through 5 years marked by great changes and challenges.  

“He brought a unifying spirit to the school community,” said Laurel Hanson, MHS English teacher.  Fellow department member Margaux DePue echoed the sentiment and praised Mr. Moody’s commitment to honoring the voice of all members of the school community. This commitment was evident within his first days in office when he met with every single teacher individually to hear their concerns and goals for the school. He showed this same dedication with the students as he repeatedly sat down with the senior class during his first year as principal, to help them restructure their graduation ceremony in a manner that fostered ownership and pride in the event.

Mr. Moody’s continued efforts to honor the voices of all concerned have since brought about the creation of a new leadership structure for the faculty, a more flexible approach to educational opportunities for the students, and greater involvement for the parents. His devotion to the school could be seen in his unwavering enthusiasm at school events of all kinds.  His compassion for students could be seen daily in the halls as he interacted with them and when MHS faced its greatest moments of tragedy. “He is proof that one person can have a profound impact on a school community,” said music teacher Andy Forster.

“Jon has been a tremendous asset to our district,” said Superintendent Gary Smith. “But it is time for him to continue this professional growth and do what is right for his family.  Wherever Jon moves on to, Maine students will be the beneficiary!  Thanks, Jon, for your service.”


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