Second LifeChanger of the Year nominee in RSU 18


RSU 18 is proud to have not one but two  LifeChanger of the Year nominees in RSU 18!

China Primary School’s Pre-K teacher Melissa Robie was nominated by CPS principal Darlene Pietz for her “kindness, compassion, and commitment to our school family and our community.”

Loved by parents and students alike for her pleasant demeanor, Ms. Robie has been a very active member of the Human Relations/Public Relations committee and the PTO.  She also attends many school events to support students and staff even though she lives out of town. Her profile describes her as a kind, caring, patient role model and a source of reassurance and comfort for her young students. You can view her full profile here.

Williams Elementary School fifth grade teacher Valerie Glueck was also nominated by WES principal, Kathy Harris-Smedberg. You can view her full profile here.

A total of 15 LifeChanger of the Year Awards will be selected from the hundreds of nominations received from all over the country and an additional 16th prize, entitled the “National Spirit Award,” will go to the nominee whose community demonstrates the most support for their nomination.  Please go to the above links and comment to share your congratulations and to support both of our districts wonderful nominees.


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