World-class trumpeter joins Jazz Band on stage.

Trent Austin joins MMS Jazz

Trent Austin joins MMS Jazz Band on stage.

You might not know the name Trent Austin if you don’t follow certain music circles.  It is far more likely that you have heard the names Tony Bennett, Natalie Cole, or Clark Terry. These are just a few of the big names that the Maine native and celebrated trumpet artist has played alongside over the years.  

Last night several RSU 18 students were able to add their names to this list as Mr. Austin joined them on the MHS stage for the Jazz Band concert.  He joined the MMS Jazz Band for the last song of their set and played the whole set with the MHS Jazz band (see videos below).

Monday’s free concert featured, not one, but two amazing guest performers.  The inestimable Gerry Wright joined the group on piano. This is the second time these two renowned jazz artists have played with the district Jazz Band. The first time was in 2008.  At the end of the concert,  Senior trumpet Vann Guarnieri got the chance to play a selection with both guest artists.

“The opportunity for students to play with musicians of that caliber is rare for high school students,” said MHS Jazz Band Director Andy Forster.  “Having a world-class trumpeter on stage at your own school is an awesome experience.” This is just one of the many benefits our students receive from our top-notch music program.

Mr. Austin was enthusiastic about his time with the students and commented on how “respectful, appreciative and open” they were. “I heard great results in only a couple hours of work! I wish I had more time to work with them!”



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