Music on the Move


by Kevin Rhein, Choral Director

IMG_4490 (1)

For many, the end of the academic year is a time for “winding down.”  Not so for the musicians in the bands and choruses at Messalonskee Middle School and MHS.

In May, the high school groups will be traveling to Massachusetts to perform for adjudicators. There, they will learn from the critiques that will be delivered to the students in clinics following the performances.  All aspects of their performances will be examined. The judges will pay close attention to melodic and rhythmic accuracy, dynamics, tone quality, and other musical considerations. After receiving a rating, the groups will enjoy a few hours at nearby Canobie Lake Amusement Park.

In June, the middle school groups will be heading to Funtown for a similar experience. This music festival will provide feedback from three judges who will share their perspectives following the performances. A couple of hours at Funtown will add an enjoyable conclusion to the day.

These types of experiences are invaluable to the development of high-quality music ensembles. Striving to achieve the highest standards of performance is a byproduct of the adjudication process. While the product is important, the process is what is truly valued.

Our student musicians will wait for summer vacation to “wind down”!


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