Winter PE highlights

While this week’s promise of 70-degree weather is, for many of us, a welcome reprieve from a long winter of inactivity and cabin fever, RSU 18’s physical education departments really made the snow work for them. 

“It was a great snow season,” said elementary PE teacher Scott Colby who took his 3rd through 5th-grade classes cross country skiing several times over the course of the month of March.

Several other PE classes, from elementary to high school, ventured out on either skis or snowshoes to break up the monotony of the winter. 

The new Winter Sports PE class at MHS was thrilled with the abundance of snow. The two sections of Winter PE were taught by Mrs. Stephanie Carter and included 25 students who spent the quarter cross country skiing, sledding, snowshoeing, and even working on winter survival skills.  An Oakgrove grant helped secure the snowshoes about 10 years ago, and the department has applied for another one to buy cross country skis for next year.  MMS was kind enough to share their cross-country skis to help kick off the class this year. The Winter Sports classes also did an interdisciplinary project in snow art with Ms. Sara McDougal’s Sculpture class.

Other schools stuck to the warmth of their gyms, but still found ways to keep students moving and active during the cold winter months.   James H. Bean school once again offered their afterschool intramural program for 4th and 5th graders on Wednesdays through February and March. “The goal of the program was to provide additional physical activity and enjoyment in a game setting during the heart of the winter months,” said program facilitator and PE teacher Nate Quirion.

Whether you were delighted with the winter wonderland or tried to hibernate as much as possible this winter, enjoy the warmth and sun this week is supposed to bring.

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