Songs of Darkness and Hope

Today is the release date of “Songs of Darkness and Hope,” a collaborative project featuring all of the choral students in RSU 18. This project designed “to express the beauty and depth of the music of the Jewish people” is music teacher Pam Rhein’s long-time dream finally brought to life.

The creation of “Songs of Darkness and Hope” involved over 400 choral students ages 10-18 under the direction of choral teachers Kevin Rhein, Pam Rhein, Amy Peterson and Josh Bickford. The recording was overseen by audio engineer John Baker with the assistance music teacher Andy Forster and music production student Vitaliy Reshetnyk and was done over two days in April of 2016 at the MHS Performing Arts Center and the Pleasant Street Methodist Church in Waterville.  The album features songs intimately connected with the concentration camps and the experiences of the European Jewish population during WWII and will be given out to visitors at the Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine.

Congratulations to all on the success of this incredibly meaningful project!

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