Finish Strong 2017




RSU 18 is in the middle of week two of its Finish Strong Campaign.  The opening memo that kicked off the campaign last week stated that “sixteen and a half days is plenty of time to make your mark…make a difference…to blow their minds and make that final, lasting impression!”

The last few weeks of school are challenging for staff and students alike. The point of the Finish Strong campaign is to cheer everyone on and give them that additional nudge of encouragement to keep them pushing for their personal best, straight through to the last day of school.

Each week offers a new Finish Strong challenge.  Week one was AWESOME Week! which challenged staff to be totally awesome. This week’s theme is 212: The Extra Degree. It’s that one degree that makes 212 the boiling point of water, and that one extra degree of effort can create just as big an effect in our schools. Week three will be focusing on Grit and week 4 is, appropriately, titled All About Family.

This is a terrific campaign to help everyone finish strong, from our youngest students to our retiring teachers and administrators.

Watch the Finish Strong 2017 video here!

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