Pedal Desks & Flexible Seating at BCS


By Eric Brooks

BCS teachers, like others in the district, recognize the fact that students need physical activity and movement during the day. Many BCS classrooms feature flexible seating including standing desks, wobble cushions, stability stools, bean bags, pedal desks, and more!

BCS teachers have secured these additions to their classrooms by accessing funds from the Parent Teacher Organization, DonorsChoose, grants, and from their own pockets in order to provide great learning environments for students.  Most recently, Eric Brooks, grade 5 teacher at BCS, wrote a grant as part of Inland Hospital’s 5-2-1-0 effort that provided funding for two pedal desks and some sports equipment that will be used in his classroom.

Mr. Brooks was nervous that students would get too caught up in pedaling the bike to focus on work, however, they have done a great job completing assignments or participating in discussions while utilizing the new bikes. One day, a student was pedaling but decided it was not the best working spot during that time and relocated to another part of the room in order to be more productive.

Additionally, students have set up their own system for ensuring that everyone takes turns and has access to the pedal desks if they want to use them. Students have learned these important skills through the district’s focus on Habits of Mind where students are taught about being reflective learners by understanding their own learning styles.

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