It’s time to start thinking SATS…

This year, all sophomores and juniors will take the PSATs on October 11th.  This practice test is provided by a grant the school currently has through the MELMAC Foundation.  We are fortunate to have this support so that students are prepared for the required School Day SAT in April.

Last year, the state required that all 3rd-year students take the SAT.  All 3rd-year students must be present for the exam as it determines funds that are provided to the district.  There is no need for students to sign up for the PSAT or the School Day SAT for 3rd-year high school students.  Only these exams are provided free of charge.

There are also several prep programs offered free of charge to students:  Let’s Get Ready (offered 2x/year at Colby College)

After the April administration of the School Day SAT, students (juniors or seniors) may opt to take the SAT again at their own cost.  Students must log in to  with the information that was provided when they took the School Day SAT or PSAT.  Students should not create a new login or the system will not recognize them.

written by Kara Sprague



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