MMS Honors Veterans

by Lauralee Fegel

“You can be two years early but you can’t be a second late in capturing the life stories of those who served our country.” – Galen Cole

Recently Team Boothbay from Messalonskee Middle School visited the Cole Land Transportation Museum in Bangor.  The trip afforded students the opportunity to meet and interview veterans who have served or are currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.  Students learned about sacrifice and the cost of freedom as veterans from conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf War shared their insights and stories about their service to our country.

After spending time with veterans through interviews, panel discussions and guest speakers, students will capture what they have learned in essays, poetry, iMovies, and letters to the editor.  Team Boothbay will share what they learned at our assembly honoring veterans.  The Veterans Assembly will be held on Thursday, November 9th at 8:35 a.m. in the Performing Arts Center located at Messalonskee High School.  Team Boothbay would like to invite all veterans and their families to attend the assembly and to join us for light refreshments at 8:00 am in the high school cafeteria. Students will escort veterans into the assembly hall.  Any questions please contact Lauralee Fegel at

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