Welcome Back, Gary!

A familiar face has started showing up around the Central Office this month; former Superintendent Gary Smith has returned to serve as interim Business and Financial Director during this budget season.

Gary has hardly been idle since his retirement last June. In addition to moving to Vermont and finally taking up residence in the home he has been building for years, Gary and his wife toured Downeast Maine and some of the Canadian Maritimes, hosted a family fall foliage festival, and completed a bathroom project and a gym/office. Gary also trained for and ran his 2nd half marathon, built a tool shed, started in on landscaping, and began volunteering at the Vermont Humane Society.

By October Gary was getting a little restless, so he and Kristin decided he should start his own business. The High Road LLC officially launched January 1st with the mission of helping public schools excel. This timed out well with a vacancy in an important RSU 18 post that could best be filled by someone familiar with our district’s needs and background. So Gary Smith is back to work and getting down to business.

“ Coming back has felt a little strange, but it has been wonderful seeing folks again,” said Smith.  “And it is great to be able to provide input and value to folks right off the bat.”

Mr. Smith will be providing interim business and financial direction while the  Superintendent looks at the best way to restructure and replace this position.  He will also be providing professional development to the business and CO staff and providing support to the RSU 18 Administrative Team on certain endeavors including the recently approved construction bond, staff negotiations, systems implementations and other efforts as requested by the Superintendent.

“His experience with our district, our budget process, our staff, our admin team, etc. make this a great fit for us this spring, “ said Superintendent Carl Gartley. “ Everyone trusts and respects Gary.”

The Business and Financial Director position will be filled in a more permanent fashion by summer, but this interim solution allows the Superintendent to consider a variety of possibilities that benefit the district.  


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