Thank you, Cindy Woodard!

To wrap up our National School Counseling week, we wanted to take a moment to recognize Cindy Woodard, our Atwood and Williams School Counselor, who is retiring at the end of this year.

“Cindy really is a treasure,” said Atwood Principal Jennifer McGee. “She has been a wonderful presence in our school and she is a trusted member of our district. She has been a bridge between our schools and our community resources for decades and is always working to find creative ways to help our school families in need.  ”

Cindy has been a counselor in our district since 1982.  She worked at the junior high/middle school for 19 years before moving down to the Oakland elementary schools. She meets with all the students at both Atwood and Williams for classroom lessons, in small groups, or one on one. She helps students work through transitions into the school, troubles with friendships, issues dealing with loss, or other stressful situations they may encounter. She also never fails to lend an ear to staff members in need and always offers sound advice when asked.

Cindy is also a Civil Rights Team advisor at Williams Elementary and has been working hard to improve student attendance.  She works closely with administrators to analyze attendance data and develop plans to increase attendance for students.

“When Cindy notices plans are not working, she will collaborate with students, parents and her administrator to create new plans,” said WES Principal Melanie Smith. “She also attended a workshop focused on strategies to improve student attendance so that she could add new tools to support students.”

In addition to these tasks, Cindy oversees referrals to the Big Brother/Big sister program at both schools. She also coordinates several other programs including the Snack Backpack program, that provides snacks for children who need them during weekends and vacations, and the Colby Mentor Program.

So many lives have been changed for the better by her dedication to our community, our district, and our students.  Thank you, Cindy,  for all your years of hard work.  You will be missed.







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