True Value Foundation “Painting a Brighter Future” Grant 

For a school in need, even something as simple as a new coat of paint can energize a dreary classroom, inspire teachers and motivate students. Research confirms that new paint and the cleanliness of school walls can have an impact on student attitudes and academic performance.That’s why, in partnership with True Value retailers, True Value Foundation provides 30-gallon paint grants through the Painting a Brighter Future program. Over 800 schools across the country have been awarded paint since the program’s inception in 2009, covering over 12 million square feet of learning space.

Each year since 2015, RSU 18 has applied for the True Value Foundation “Painting a Brighter Future” Grant and received 40 gallons of paint to enhance classrooms and walls. Schools work with volunteers to paint their school walls and classrooms.  Students(Messalonskee High School, Erskine Academy, JMG, elementary, middle), administrators, teachers, parents, families, custodians have worked hard to brighten their schools. RSU 18 schools that have received and painted their school buildings are Messalonskee Middle School, Messalonskee High School, China Middle School, China Primary School and Belgrade Central School. Our newest school addition to the grant is Williams Elementary School which was awarded 30 gallons of paint. Campbell’s Agway True Value Store in Winslow under the management of Jon Smith nominated WES for the True Value Foundation grant.  It is through the support of the True Value Foundation and Campbell’s Agway True Value in Winslow and Farmingdale that our schools have been able to paint their schools. We look forward to applying for the funding next year for Atwood Primary School and the James H. Bean School.

written by Claire HeffernanPainting_Brighter_Future_Color_Web

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