MMS Teacher wins Gustav Ohaus Award

By Mark Hatch

Amanda Ripa was selected as the 2018 Gustav Ohaus Award winner– an award designed to recognize teachers who “change the face of science teaching.” Her submission “Power Plants” impressed the review committee and their previous year’s Gustav Award Winner who had this to say:

“I was impressed with the project. Using Problem Based Learning is an extremely powerful way to make learning authentic and engaging.  Sadly, most of the PBL project that I see are problems that have been artificially contrived by the teacher. Not so with this project.  This project was amazing because the students were empowered to address a need in their own community. It was truly student-driven, authentic, cross-curricular and timely.  While it isn’t easily replicated (especially in different climates) the success of this project is contagious. When a teacher reads this, they will be inspired and motivated to notice problems in their geographic location that their students can solve.”

As Ohaus’ selected award recipient Amanda is entitled to attend the NSTA National Conference at no charge where she will be presented with a $1500 cash prize and Ohaus products for MMS valued at $1,000.


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