A Wonderful Trip to the Common Ground Fair

By Sue Maroon

On Friday, September 21, 2018, a large number of very excited fifth and sixth-grade students from China Middle School and their parents traveled to the Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine. Some of the popular events the students visited were the Sheep Dog demonstrations, stone working, bunny house, children’s area, and many amazing healthy food vendors.


Some students’ comments were:

“I liked that there were just farm things and plants I had never seen before. I also liked that the people were nice.” Brock

“I really loved the rabbit section! They had a place where you could pet them and they had some baby rabbits too. The rabbits were full of energy and super cute!” Elijah

“I liked the honey candles.” Alli

“I saw sheepdogs round up sheep, goats, and ducks.” Logan

“ My experience at the Common Ground Fair was awesome! I went to see the pigs and the bunnies. My friend, Sylvia, and I almost made it on the news! I recommend going to the fair. They had a lot of creative kid stuff. It was a lot of fun!” Maddy


This fair, sponsored by MOFGA, has been in existence for over 40 years. It is a celebration of rural living that many strive to emulate. All in all, it was a spectacular day of learning and enjoying healthy living.

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