Gratitude Grants and Gracious Giving

In the spirit of the season, the RSU 18 Central office recently made a special request of its school administrators: come up with proposals for $200 dollar gratitude grants.

Superintendent Carl Gartley, Academic Officer Keith Morin, and Financial Director Gary Smith put the challenge to the school principals at a recent meeting. Submissions needed to be creative, involve students, focus on helping our communities in some way, and they needed to be in keeping with the current Lifestyles team theme of “Being Thankful, Gracious, and Giving.” The submissions came in fast and furious.

Submissions included gift drives, funds for school or community food pantries, and various ways of demonstrating gratitude to members of the community.  Initially, it was decided that all submissions would receive $200 with the top two schools receiving an additional $200. After looking over the creative and caring submissions from our school administrators, it was decided that three schools, China Middle, Williams, and James Bean, would each receive an extra $200 for their incentives.

We don’t want to ruin any surprises, so click the Follow button below to make sure you don’t miss how each of our schools put these funds to use.


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