CMS Students Helping Students

China Middle School was one of three schools to win an additional $200 dollars for their Gratitude Grant submission in November.  They wasted no time putting the funds to work for their school community.

CMS put in for the grant as a way to jump-start their new “Students Helping Students” program. Student Council kicked off the student-led initiative at the beginning of this school year as a way to help classmates faced with tragedies such as a house fire or daily struggles such as putting food on the table. 

In the grant proposal, President of the Student Council and eighth-grader Elizabeth Hardy shared that, “Life at home may be rough for some students. Life at school shouldn’t have to be. With a little extra help, we can make that possible. That’s what we are here for, to support students through the tough times and make sure they feel safe and have opportunities equal to that of their peers.”

The Friday before vacation the group launched their second fundraiser. Students paid $1 to come dressed as their favorite Christmas Character. Student Council raised $100 through participation and used $100 in matching funds from the Gratitude Grant. The money was donated to The Center for Grieving Children.

Student council plans to schedule similar events about twice a month throughout the year to support Students Helping students. The group also hopes to take on a few projects within the school including adding a new water bottle filler and beautifying the new outdoor classroom.

“We are very proud of the work of this group and the giving spirit of China Middle School,” said Principal Lois Bowden.



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