WES Writing Celebration

Williams Elementary School students had a busy first trimester working on their writing.

Yesterday WES held a writing celebration to provide students with the opportunity to share their finished pieces and give parents the opportunity to engage in writing activities with their children. Students and parents worked on poems, mad libs, and story construction centered around 10 assigned words.

Parents were also provided with a writer’s workshop guide and a W-R-I-T-E  Bingo board that included a variety of writing activities that students could complete at home.

“As I walked around the building I could not help but smile as I saw parents listening to their children share their writing and parents engaging in writing activities with their children,” said Principal Melanie Smith. “It was another wonderful event at WES”

WES would love to thank all of our parents/guardians/grandparents that attended yesterday and thank you to all the families that sent in delicious snacks and drinks for this special event.





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