March Madness Kick Off at WES

On Wednesday, February 26th, Williams Elementary School students ran into a gym full of their cheering peers while proudly carrying books over their heads. This was the much-anticipated kick off to WES’s annual Nonfiction March Madness event.

The school-wide reading tournament is in its 4th year and is organized by Shelly Moody and Valerie Glueck as a way to celebrate the school community’s love of reading. Every year, they select 16 outstanding nonfiction books to foster students’ curiosity while building background knowledge about a variety of engaging topics. Students will spend the month participating in classroom read-alouds of the sixteen books. Ryan Soucy created a PDF bracket to send home with each student to help them monitor their favorite books throughout the rounds of the tournament and decide which one they want to vote for as their top choice. This will hopefully encourage them to chat with their parents about their favorite books along the way.  

The March Madness kick-off event was definitely a group effort. Amanda Levesque organized music, lights, and sound, and Jason Pellerin served as master of ceremonies.  “He really knows how to hype the crowd and get kids excited about reading,” said Moody. “There are so many staff members who have helped to make this tradition exciting for our students. March Madness is truly a school-wide event!”

WES will hold the assembly to announce the winning title on Wednesday, April 3rd.

2019 March Madness Bracket final

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