March is National Nutrition Month

Celebrate National Nutrition Month by preparing a meal with your children. Cooking is a life skill that teaches children about nutrition and food safety, as well as building math, science, literacy and fine motor skills. Who knows, you may have a budding Chef?

The more involved your children are in planning and cooking meals, the more likely they are to eat them.

  • Include your kids when planning the weekly family menu so they feel like they have a say in what they’re eating.
  • Look at the district website together to see what’s being served at school.
  • Shop for groceries together. Make a list before you go to the store and only buy foods on the list. Once in the store, let your kids help you find items on the list. Read food labels out loud and talk about the choices you’re making.
  • Cook with your kids. It’s a great opportunity to teach them measurements, conversions, and cooking skills, and it gives them a vested interest in the finished product. Great bonding time.
  • Hold family taste tests. Buy different brands of healthy food (whole-grain pasta, for example) and let family members decide which one they like best. or

From our March Parent Healthy Newsletter.  Click here for more.

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