Koffee Kart for Karsyn

Friday, April 5th, saw Ms. Deane’s first-graders and Mrs. Solis’ 2nd graders, all clad in handmade aprons and unicorn horn headbands, delivering coffee, tea, and cookies to the staff at Atwood and the Central Office.

The undertaking was lovingly named Koffee Kart for Karsyn in honor of their friend who is currently undergoing cancer treatment. Deane, who is Karsyn’s current teacher, and Solis who had her for kindergarten, teamed up on the project as a way to bring the community together in support of Karsyn and her family.

Ms. Deane made the students aprons with a K for Karsyn, and the students painted unicorn headbands. “They really loved making the painted unicorn horns,” said Solis, “and they made sure to make them beautiful for their friend.”

The students took orders, made deliveries, and collected contributions from the staff at both buildings.  Fabian’s donated the coffee, KV Federal Credit Union and Alexandra Fabian helped out with a great selection of creamers and ceramic mugs, and first-grade teacher Crystal Hayes made cookies.

“Everyone was wonderful and so helpful in making this a successful event where our kids really felt like they were making a difference for their friend,” said Solis. “At the end of the day, we raised $245.00! We plan to keep the coffee cart going with various treats and hot and cold drinks.”

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