Monmouth Theatre Coming to CPS

We are so excited to announce our upcoming Page-to-Stage event at CPS. On Tuesday, April 30th, Monmouth Theater will bring adaptations of classic literature to our students in order to deepen an understanding and appreciation of classic literature to all learners!

Our students have the privilege of seeing the “Tall Tales Twice Told” show, a collection of American folk tales featuring characters and situations larger than life and older than time. From Paul Bunyan and his Big Blue Ox to John Henry the Railroad Man, we’ll explore tales of Johnny Appleseed the Planter of Orchards as well as Kate Shelley who’s known for saving the Midnight Express! These timeless and timely tales will introduce students to American History and Culture!

We are so looking forward to this educational experience as students explore the elements of American folktales, especially tall tales, while learning how these stories are passed on from generation to generation. We’ll observe how these tales use exaggeration and how they convey a message or make a point. This presentation will help students examine stereotypes and behaviors through activities and discussions before and after the performance. They will explore ways to take responsibility for their actions and become both confident and caring citizens!

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