An All Eastern Perspective

by Kevin Rhein, RSU18 Choral Director 

On April second through April seventh, Messalonskee High School Junior Molly Glueck embarked on a musical adventure of a lifetime. After a car ride to Portland, a bus ride to Boston, and a plane trip to Pittsburgh, she experienced what few can say was part of their background: Molly was an All Eastern Honor Choir Member.

After registration, she seated herself amongst the 320- voice choir and met who would be her director for the next several days, the world famous, Dr. Rollo Dilworth.

Dr. Dilworth is a professor of music at Temple University in Pennsylvania where he chairs the Music Education and Music Therapy departments. He has had over 150 works published.

Many long rehearsals were filled with Dr. Dilworth’s exceptional perspectives on performance techniques. Each intricate detail of the music was attempted by the young musicians, rehearsed towards the goal of perfection, and finally performed to everyone’s delight.

“All Eastern was an amazing experience that taught me so many things about music I didn’t even realize I didn’t know,” said Molly. “To be surrounded by musicians of such high caliber was so inspiring and educational and I will never forget this experience.“

Molly’s mother, Valerie Glueck stated, “Molly not only loved the rehearsal process and the performance, but she also loved getting to experience all that Pittsburg had to offer. We are so grateful to Mr. & Mrs. Rhein for helping Molly to get selected for the All-Eastern Honors Chorus. We are also grateful to all of the RSU 18 community members who donated funds that helped Molly to have the experience of a lifetime.”

At the final performance, many audience members were brought to tears during a piece of music entitled, “Lullaby”. Once the joyful gospel piece, “Shine the Heavenly Light “ was performed as the final selection of the concert, the audience, over a thousand strong, immediately rose to their feet in a thundering ovation.

Each year, a small number of students begin to meet with their chorus teachers in preparation for the auditions associated with All State, All Eastern, and All National Honor Ensembles. For those who are selected, a deeply moving and life enhancing experience is ensured.

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