Check out these end of the year tips courtesy of BCS Guidance

15 End of School Year Tips for Parents

  1. Keep schedules. Now is not the time to let the structure fall away.
  2. Ease any anxiety. If your child is making a significant grade transition next year, talk to the teacher and your child about ways to prep and have proper expectations.
  3. Field Day. Plan ahead for fun and exciting days like field day. Then by the time it comes around, you may actually find time to enjoy yourself!
  4. Pace yourself. It’s ok to say no to some activities!
  5. Guard special family time. Don’t sacrifice family time to make room for less important activities.
  6. Read up! Coordinate your child’s summer reading list and set a schedule to keep him focused and learning throughout the summer.
  7. Contact list. Encourage kids to get contact info for friends they will want to keep in touch with over summer break.
  8. Register for summer camps early. The best ones tend to fill up quickly, so research and reserve space as soon as possible.
  9. Last day of school fun. Plan something different on the homefront, like a donut party send-off at the bus stop. After school, as kids get off the bus, parents can man squirt guns and start a good old-fashioned water fight.
  10. Plan a special family dinner. The last day of school is significant. Use it to connect with the ones you love and commemorate the year’s end appropriately with your family’s “favorites.”
  11. Keepsake memories. Have your child write down favorite moments from the year and store them in a scrapbook.
  12. Say thank you. Have children write end-of-year thank you notes to teachers.
  13. Ask kids for their input. Suggest they give you five activities they would like to do locally. Have them create a “wish list” and incorporate it into your summer plans.
  14. Serve together. Research family-friendly community service projects that you could do in your area.
  15. Beat the Blues. The end of the year can also bring on some serious blues. Keep the positive up and be the best parent supporter you can be!

Tips from Sign up Genius. Click here for even more tips

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