Help your kids stay safe and healthy while they enjoy summer fun!

The final school bell will ring soon at RSU#18 schools. Are your children ready for summer fun?

  • Sunburn – Wear sunscreen of at least SPF 30.
  • Hydration – Staying hydrated in hot weather can help reduce the risk of heat-related illness. Have your children drink lots of water.
  • Heat-related Illness -Try to stay in a shade during the hottest parts of the day.
  • Heat exhaustion — may include feeling thirsty, fatigue and cramps (legs or abdominal). If left untreated, heat exhaustion can progress to heatstroke.
  • Heatstroke is serious. Symptoms may include the following: dizziness, trouble breathing, headaches, rapid heartbeat, nausea, vomiting, confusion and changes in blood pressure. Skin may be flushed and feel hot and dry (not sweaty).
  • Food Poisoning – Summertime offers so many gorgeous days for picnics and cookouts. One of the best ways to avoid food poisoning during the summertime is to be sure food items that contain mayonnaise, milk, eggs, meat, poultry and seafood aren’t kept at room temperature for more than one hour
  • Poison Ivy – Symptoms of a poison ivy rash may include: itchy skin, redness or red streaks, small bumps or hives, blisters that drain fluid.
  • Safe Rides – Make sure your child wears a helmet that fits properly and their bikes are the right fit.
  • Pool Safety – Never leave kids alone near the pool, no matter what their ages or swimming capabilities are.
  • Ticks – You can pick up a tick on the playing field, hiking or in your own yard while gardening or playing outside. Prevent tick bites and tick-borne illnesses with these four steps:
    • Clothing – Wear light-colored clothing and shoes during the summertime because they help you spot any ticks that may be crawling on you. Also, although it won’t win you any fashion awards, tucking your pant legs into your socks can help minimize ticks crawling up your legs or into your shoes.
    • Repellent – use repellent safely. Read the directions.
    • Know Your Enemy – Ticks like to hang out in grassy or wooded areas, and they are especially fond of places that are moist or humid.
    • Be Vigilant with Tick Checks – Do a tick check on everyone in the family every night.

For more information on Summer Safety

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