Two RSU 18 administrators elected to lead state education organizations

Two RSU 18 administrators are taking on leadership roles in state education associations.

Special Education Director, Cheryl Mercier has just been elected to serve as the next president of the Maine Administrators of Services for Children with Disabilities (MADSEC). MADSEC is an organization dedicated to advocating for “the right of all students to receive a free and appropriate public education.” They provide many valuable resources including professional support and professional development for educators who work with students with disabilities. They represent special education in the state of Maine and work closely with leadership organizations in other states. Cheryl has been a member of MADSEC for a number of years and we cannot think of a more perfect person to take the reins.

MHS Principal Paula Callan was recently voted in as the new president-elect of the Maine Principal’s Association (MPA). The MPA, which dates back to the 1920s, is a professional association that represents Maine’s K-12 administrators and works to build strong collaborative partnerships that provide a network of resources and strong models of leadership. Paula has been a longtime MPA member and has served on their board of directors. Her experience and knowledge make her a natural choice for this position.

We are lucky to have both of these administrators in RSU 18 and have no doubt that their voices will be highly beneficial to education in the state of Maine. 

written by Mandi Favreau

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