Mrs. Mayo’s 4th Grade Explores Mindset at WES.

On the Wednesday of the first full week of school,  Mrs. Mayo’s fourth-grade class had an opportunity to explore their mindsets. 

Working together as table teams, students read a sentence strip with a mindset statement on it.  After a small group discussion, each table team sorted the statements as being an example of either a fixed or a growth mindset.  As a whole class, the group then discussed each of the growth mindset statements and identified what made the statement an example of that mindset. Students then crumpled up and “threw away” the fixed mindset statements as they took a shot at the trash can.

Mrs. Mayo’s class will continue to explore growth mindset and habits of mind through read-alouds, activities, and writing tasks for the month of September until WIN Time begins in October. They will continue to revisit mindset throughout the year on Mindset Mondays as a part of their Genius work.

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