ATW/WES Walk Against Cancer

Atwood Primary and Williams Elementary held their 8th annual Cancer walk on Thursday, October 10th.  Students and family members made signs for their loved ones and brought in donations for the fight against cancer. 

The WES Kindness Crew, a committee of students dedicated to spreading kindness in their community, decided to collect money the whole week leading up to the walk. They announced the plan at the October Champion Morning Meeting. “Our Kindness crew delivered envelopes to each of our classrooms and challenged students to collect as many coins and dollars as possible for this cause by Thursday,” said WES principal Melanie Smith. “They also shared how this is an opportunity for all of us to spread kindness.”  

The Atwood School began the parade with a town meeting in the gym.  Two students who are cancer survivors were guests of honor at the town meeting. Second-grader, Karsyn, thanked her classmates for their support and urged them to continue the fight against cancer.  All of the students and parents then danced to “Fight Song” and “Don’t Give Up” and then the parade began!  

A representative from the  American Cancer Society joined the parade this year and was grateful for the ongoing support from our schools! Together Atwood and Williams students, staff and families raised $1262.53 for the fight against cancer! 

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