WES students practice kindness during National Bullying Prevention Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. WES kicked off the month with a full school assembly on October 7 and put forth a series of weekly challenges for students to try throughout the month. 

The first challenge was for students to make friends with someone that they did not know. This past week asked students to stand up for others if they saw bullying happening. Students were encouraged to be upstanders by:

  1. Stopping untrue or harmful messages from spreading
  2. Helping students who are being bullied 
  3. Making new friends
  4. Respecting others differences
  5. Encouraging their friends to be upstanders
  6. Reporting behaviors that break school rules to an adult

The week of October 21st challenges students to make sure no one has to eat alone in the lunchroom and the last week of October wraps up with a Kindness Bingo Challenge.  

The challenges came from stompoutbullying.org.  For the entire month of October, WES will also have a kindness graffiti wall where people can share the acts of kindness that have happened to them throughout the month. 


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