China Primary Fire Prevention Day

China Primary School held their Fire Prevention Day on Friday, October 18th.  It was a day full of learning and fun where students were reminded how to create an exit plan from each room, the importance of checking the batteries in fire alarms, and other important safety practices. They also got to tour some fire trucks!

This year’s theme was, “Not Every Hero Wears a Cape, Plan and Practice your Escape.”  The 3rd-grade students made posters to reflect this idea, and at a Town Council meeting, students voted on which posters best presented the theme. The first-place winner was Oscar Pearson who won a ride in one of the fire trucks last Friday.  The second-place winner was Dylan Theberge, Roxie Stephenson won 3rd place, and Kendra Grierson and Silas Parlin both received honorable mentions. Congratulations, everyone. 

Thank you so much to the China Area Volunteer Fire Departments for bringing their trucks and equipment to school and teaching our students about fire safety.


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