CMS Advisory Program

CMS characters

The CMS Advisory Program is off to a great start! The goal of the CMS Advisory Program is to implement a curriculum that supports the character essentials and social-emotional skills for students to be successful in our buildings and beyond. The program includes aspects of team building, character development, and academic coaching.

This year’s theme is Dinosaurs! Be sure to ask your student what their advisory’s dinosaur is and what they have been working on this year. Advisories are competing against each other in different events throughout the year to earn points and, of course, bragging rights! So far this year our advisories have created their own classroom flags and even competed in their first competitions! Congratulations to Mrs. Frankenfield’s room for earning top points for your classroom flag!

CMS Dinosaurs

Each month a different “Challenge” will be presented to students to help build their character. November’s Challenge is: “Smile and Say Hi.” Students are asked to intentionally smile, or say “hi” as they pass each other in between classes. The goal is to understand that many people may be going through more than the students realize. By choosing to share their best smile, they can make somebody’s day by simply saying “hi”. Hi is a small word, but it is a powerful one!

Written by Jamie Dugan

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