Rights and Responsibilities of BCS Citizens

Throughout the fall, every class has been talking a lot about the rules of the classroom and school. The second graders took it a bit further and did a whole unit on the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a community.  We explored what community means and figured out that we are a part of the classroom, school, neighborhood, and town communities, which make up our greater school district community. We now know that the reason communities have rules and laws is to keep everyone safe and help make these communities a positive place to be.  

In order to give back to our community, Miss Zemrak’s class decided to create an alphabet book that we could share with the other citizens of BCS to help it stay a great community.  After brainstorming the rights and responsibilities for each letter of the alphabet, Miss Zemrak helped us write a brief explanation to go along with each other, and we (the students) got to illustrate the book.  We gave a copy to Mrs. Bacon (principal) and Mrs. Wade (guidance counselor) so that any students who needed reminders about these things could read the book. We also gave a copy to the library so that all students at BCS could enjoy our work and remember the great things about our BCS community. 


written by Jenna Zemrak

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