RSU 18 Lifestyles Team Going for the Gold

The RSU 18 Lifestyles team has really been going for the gold this year.  Three months into the school year, their Olympic themed “ Light the fire within” wellness campaign is well underway.  

This year’s idea was generated by the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics during a brainstorming session last summer. The Lifestyles Team liked the parallels of perseverance and personal bests for both athletic training and student learning.  They also felt that the Olympic core values of respect, excellence, and friendship are a crucial part of the overall learning process.   

The Lifestyles group kicked off this theme on opening day by encouraging teachers to reconnect with their passion for teaching and learning and to find new ways to light the fire of learning within their students. Schools around the district have been working to build respect, excellence, and friendship through activities such as weekly book talks, pot lucks, staff buddies off the month, and much more.

The November professional development day furthered the message with teacher and administrator led talks and activities. It was clear that the presenters were passionate about their topics and staff in attendance were able to choose the sessions that most interested them and met their needs. Subject matters focused on ways to connect with students, technology integration techniques, and strategies to improve student engagement and learning. 

Recently, the Lifestyles Team, in conjunction with  RSU 18 administration, opened submissions for their annual Gratitude Grant. Each district school that submits an application stating how they plan to use the grant money to teach the values of being gracious, thankful and giving will receive $200. Schools are also being encouraged to incorporate the values of respect, friendship, and excellence into their submittals.  All submissions are due by Friday, November 22nd. Community members will be helping the administration judge submissions, and the top two schools will receive an additional $200 to put their plan into action. 

Finally, in a gesture of friendship to our local community, the Lifestyle team will also be repeating last year’s community holiday movie event. On Friday evening, December 6th, they will offer a great holiday movie, hot cocoa and cookies, and a visit from a jolly guy from the North. We will share more details on this soon. 

This year’s theme has really sparked a lot of great initiatives around the district and we can’t wait to see where it goes from here. 


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