Williams Students to be Featured on Cruisin’ COUNTRY 93.5

Lisa Riportella from Cruisin’ COUNTRY 93.5 visited Williams Elementary on November 13 as part of the “SAY WHAAAT?” project.  Riportela is an on-air personality with Mix Maine Media. One of her goals (besides brightening your mornings and sharing a few laughs) is to engage our amazing Central Maine Community with one another through radio.

Cruisin’ COUNTRY 93.5 has a segment called “SAY WHAAAT?” which airs on the McCoy & Co. morning show each day at 7:10 am. This is where they take an everyday saying (ie. “It’s raining cats and dogs” or “run amok”, etc) and use humor to find out the origins of the commonly used phrase(s). The segment is introduced by one of the co-hosts saying, “SAY WHAAAT?”.  

The host(s) will do the “SAY WHAAAT” piece and end with, “This SAY WHAAAT is brought to you by (teacher’s name) first-grade students from (enter your school name)”.  

New classrooms/schools will be featured 2-3 times per week.  So, be listening for our Williams classrooms. Students enjoyed being part of this project and were also given the opportunity to participate in solo recordings of “SAY WHAAAT”.

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