Election Day 2019 at JHB

There was only one item on the ballot this year at JHB…students voted on a school mascot. Students in grades 3, 4, and 5 had an opportunity to enter a hand-drawn school mascot into the race. Eight candidates made it onto the official ballot. Candidates included the James H. Bean Badgers, the Howlers, the Buffalo, the Pugs, the Chickadees, the Dragons, the Jackals, and the Bobcats.

Each student voted via a Google Form. Using “Rank Choice Voting”, it turned out to be a tight race with the Dragons and the Chickadees squaring off. The official results were released on Wednesday, November 6 with the Chickadees receiving 44% of the votes, and the Dragons receiving 56% of the votes.

Fourth-grader, Kennadi Smith, submitted the picture of the JHB dragon. Our new banner welcoming guests to the “Home of the JHB Dragons” will be hung in the gym for all to see.


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