Schoolwide Read-In Day

On November 26, students at Williams Elementary participated in a variety of literacy activities as part of the school’s schoolwide Read-In Day. 

Students participated in five stations facilitated by different teachers and staff in our building. Some of the activities students participated in included:  bookmark making, readers theatre, word games (Bananagrams, Taboo, Apples to Apples), online activities (Epic, RAZ Kids, Lexia and ESpark), and blackout poetry. 

At 10:30 the entire school community met in the gymnasium for independent reading. Parents, siblings, and grandparents joined us for this special independent reading event. Prior to everyone diving into their books, the Title 1 staff and librarians raffled off some books from the Scholastic Book Fair and the new Blackbear Book Program.  It was a day enjoyed by all!

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