Second Grade Nutrition Project: Healthy Meal Showdown!

Once again, BCS second graders put their nutrition knowledge to the test at the “Food Showdown!”  Students were divided into teams to plan a well balanced, healthy meal and present it to a panel of judges.  Miss Zemrak’s chefs were up against Mrs. Dunbar’s chefs to design the meals that they thought the judges would choose as the best option for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and morning and afternoon snacks. The panel of judges consisted of the healthy food experts: Mrs. Bacon, principal; Mr. Carlson, nurse; and Pam Prescott, instructional coach. 

While it resulted in a tie between classes, it was really a WIN for everyone in using their knowledge of the food groups and how food affects the body!  Congrats to these amazing chefs and a special thanks to the judges! 


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