January Staff Happiness & Wellness Bingo Challenge at WES

This month, the staff at Williams Elementary School are participating in a staff happiness and wellness Bingo challenge. 

A giant Bingo board in the staff room includes a variety of activities such as: make a positive call home to a student’s family, exercise three times in one week, try a new activity with a friend, read a new book/magazine/newspaper, send a positive email to a colleague, have a tech-free evening, and get 8 hours of sleep. 

Each time a staff member completes a challenge, they write their name in the appropriate square on the board. A square will be considered full once there are 8 names in the square and the staff needs to fill 5 squares in a row to get BINGO. There will be a staff celebration when the challenge is complete.  

What a fun and positive way to start the new year!


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