Spreading Holiday Cheer at JHB

The holidays can provide a plethora of feelings and sometimes stressors. JHB hoped to help bring some light to others this past holiday season. The staff at JHB collaborated to buy, wrap, and deliver gifts to four families at our school. We also had some help with collecting these gifts from organizations in the community. We would like to thank Granite Hill Estates, the Sidney Gun Club, and the Girl Scout Troop for helping to provide gifts for our families.  

JHB students also participated in spreading holiday cheer during the holiday season for the second year in a row by making and decorating cards for some of our local community helpers: hospital staff at Maine General, Sidney Fire and Rescue, Augusta Police Department, Kennebec Co. Sherriffs, and the Emergency Vet Clinic. Students expressed holiday greetings and words of gratitude for those that may have been working over the holidays and would not be able to spend as much time home with their families. 

JHB is so grateful for all of our local community helpers, organizations and families. We hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season!

Written by KC Immler

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