Players prep for Tempest with a little help from their friends

The MHS Players have been working to bring together the elements of comedy, fantasy, and romance necessary for the upcoming production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The cast has been workshopping a wide variety of strange happenings, from creating a storm to staging a magical banquet, as well as training for stage fighting, learning acrobatics, and practicing the waltz. 

 To help them bring the magical island to the stage, the crew has been working behind the scenes to create a shipwreck and magical books, among other things.  In the spirit of cooperation and community that we often see here at Messalonksee, they are frequently helped out by other students who just want to lend a hand where needed. 

Crew member Ben Walker engages in problem-solving with a little help from Sage Brown

.Problem solving on MHS Players Crew 

Crew members Grace Bridges and Ali Rancourt, having painted a LOT of books, get a helping hand from actor Connor Collins. 


And no one can deny the good-natured helpfulness of athlete Xavier Colfer as he helps seamstress Sofija Klienshcmidt model her costume.  









The builders, painters, and costumers appreciate all the other students at Messalonskee who lend their assistance to our efforts as we work against the deadline to guild an island populated by strange spirits on our stage.  

Written by Laurel Hanson, MHS Players Tech Director





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