Tasting Maine at CPS

Mrs. Babson’s grade three has been learning about some of the resources that impact the economy of Maine.

Earlier in January, the class learned about the blueberry barrens of Washington and Hancock counties and how bees are needed to pollinate the crop. Closer to home, dairy farms are and have been important to the economy of Maine.

One of our classmate’s families owns and works a dairy farm and sells their milk to Oakhurst, the company that the school cafeteria purchases milk from. Mr. and Mrs. Pearson visited the class to share pictures and information about what working on a dairy farm is like, then used some of their milk to make ice cream as a treat with Wyman’s blueberries and whipped cream from Oakhurst. It was nice to learn about and taste the natural goodness of Maine!

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written by Miranda Babson

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