Let’s Go To Tokyo!

The RSU 18 Lifestyles team recently launched their latest wellness passport, “Let’s Go to Tokyo!” The challenge is part of this year’s “Light the fire within” wellness theme, tying into the spirit and excitement of the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

This wellness campaign is divided into four two-week challenges where activities earn points that convert to miles traveled. Schools and departments are competing to earn enough points to complete the 9588 miles needed to reach Tokyo.

The details of the first leg of the challenge were released by Superintendent Gartley on Twitter at the end of last week. Leg one goes until March first with the goal of covering 1350 miles to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri.

The activities all fall into four categories, aligning with the district values of mind, body, culture, and the Olympic values (respect, excellence, and friendship). In the first leg of the journey, some of the activities included putting a puzzle together, drinking 8 glasses of water a day for five days, writing a note to someone you care about, and apologizing to someone when needed.

This year’s passport runs from February 17 through April 12, 2020. The winners of each leg of the competition will be publicly recognized for their efforts and receive celebratory surprises as long as they complete activities in all four categories. All staff who complete at least 24 activities over the course of the 8-week challenge will earn an RSU 18 Wellness ‘Road to Tokyo’ Lifestyles shirt commemorating this year’s Challenge Cup.

Superintendent Gartley will be Tweeting out the details of each leg of the journey at midnight, beginning that phase of the challenge. Want to know more about the passport and do the challenge for fun? Follow us on Twitter through our hashtag #WeAreRSU18.




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