WES Reading Challenge

Principal Melanie Smith launched a new reading challenge for WES students at the beginning of this week. 

Principal Smith Tweeted on Monday, “If 75 students complete this Challenge…I’ll complete the Egg Smash Challenge. I’ll hard boil 5 eggs, mix them in with 7 raw eggs, & randomly draw 5 numbers to determine which eggs I’ll smash over my head. Enjoy your reading!”

Here are the details of the challenge

Challenge grid

You must:

  1. Mark off 15 or more boxes (you may only mark one box/day)
  2. Have an adult sign off in each box.
  3. Send a picture of you with your completed form to your teacher by email or Dojo or return it when we return to school.

IF 75+ students complete the challenge, Principal Smith will complete the Egg Smash Challenge!



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