Instructional Coaches Link Arms with Teachers to Navigate Distance Learning.

 Our four instructional coaches have always fulfilled an amazing role in our district, analyzing student data, creating professional development, offering planning assistance, and supporting teachers and students in every way they can.

Since the school closures brought about by Covid-19, this little team has been instrumental in RSU 18’s ability to pivot to distance learning. From working with one or two buildings, these employees have taken on the full-time role of working with grade-level teachers across the district. The teamwork that has resulted is truly remarkable. 

“I am very appreciative of the work of our instructional coaches,” said Assistant Superintendent Keith Morin, “They have played an integral role in orchestrating the development of distance learning systems while balancing both the educational needs of our students and the professional support of our staff in this unprecedented time.”

Pam Prescott of BCS is covering Pre-K, Colleen Bailey(CPS/JHB) is covering grades K and 1, Shelly Moody(ATW/WES) is covering grades 2 and 3, and MMS’s Jenny Barry is covering grades 4 and 5. Grades 6,7, and 8 are covered by building administrators all working within grade levels. The instructional coaches work with grade-level teachers to create appropriate resources that are placed on the district website for math, reading, writing, and specials. From multiple weekly meetings to creating content to answering teacher questions and reaching out to students, these dedicated educators do a little of everything. 

“Unique challenges can present unique opportunities,” said Shelly Moody. “Typically, teachers collaborate within the walls of their buildings. This situation has presented the opportunity for our elementary staff to collaborate district-wide to meet the needs of all students.”  During weekly meetings, educators share resources, ideas, and strategies. The level of collaboration is truly remarkable.  “I’ve been fortunate to virtually link arms with our district grade level teachers and witness their perseverance, patience, and creativity, as we support one another in navigating these uncharted waters,” Mrs.Moody added. 

In addition to working with grade-level teachers, the instructional coaches are in constant contact with one another, working as a unit to determine how to best support their teams.   

 “We rely on one another as thinking partners to process ideas and next steps,” said Mrs. Moody.  “The encouragement and feedback we get from one another allows us to best support the teachers in our buildings and our district-level teams as we strive to meet the needs of all our students.”

“Our dedicated staff, both teachers and paraprofessionals alike, have done an amazing job in keeping the care of our students across our district front and center,” added Mr. Morin. “We are fortunate to have an absolutely amazing staff who are flexible, professional, and genuine in their care for our students.” 


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