Activities and Educational Distractions for Week of May 10th

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there and all the people who have filled that role for a child in their life.

Today’s resources come from Common Sense Media, a fantastic resource that comes highly recommended by RSU 18 Technology Director Adam Murray.  This site can help parents navigate so many aspects of our increasingly technology-based world.  Their Parents Need to Know menu provides ultimate guides to everything from Zoom to TikTok.

Or you can check out these articles about internet privacy and safety.

Common Sense also provides a guide to help your family find ways to de-stress during the uncertain times brought about by the Coronavirus, and they have recently added a great podcast for parents called Parent Trapped. 

“Common Sense created Parent Trapped to capture parents’ candid stories and moments when reality meets (comic) relief. Because let’s face it: Raising kids in quarantine is a challenge none of us saw coming.”  The podcast interviews authors, educators, and celebrities and provides tips on “everything from juggling work and school with kids at home to awesome pillow fort designs (!) and great family movies.”

Finally, Common Sense also compiles tons of great educational resources in their Wide Open School. 

We hope you enjoy exploring this site. Have a great week.




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