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Given the challenges that our current situation poses for all of us, some of our teachers have been encouraging their students to write about their perspectives and their quarantine experience. A few of those students have bravely offered to share some of their words with us. Thank you so much to Ms. Kemper and her freshmen for the following excerpts.



The first emotion I have is sadness because I miss seeing my friends at school.  We used to eat lunch together and talk about life and grades; now I mostly eat lunch all by myself when my family is busy in meetings and school work. We did chorus together during period one on red days at school. We sang, talked, and laughed together with our teacher when he was funny. I have been singing at home all by myself in my room during the school week.  I haven’t had much contact with my friends since the quarantine started because I have been doing so much school work. They don’t always answer me back right away when I text them. I miss the “Lunchtime Music Series” with my friends because we used to listen to people singing and playing musical instruments in the library on some Fridays at lunch.  It is nice to see my friends in person.

However, I have enjoyed some things, too, like seeing my family more during the quarantine.  I love to hang out and play games outside and inside because it is more relaxing to be home. I love waking up early to hang out with my new dog, Luna. She is an 11-week old English Cream Golden Retriever and she makes me be outside again. I love having Zoom and Google meetings with my teachers because seeing my teachers make me feel more safe.

Quarantine is not over yet, but school will be over soon.  When I have no school work to do I will be in summer mood and mode. Then my feelings will not be mixed like in quarantine; I will be happier when I can be lazy and I won’t think about missing my friends as much.  I will be thinking about where to read my book on a hot summer day.

-E. Weatherbee



But something that really did change for me is, the way people are. I went to Harbor Freight the other day and I had a mask, but my grandfather didn’t, and they wouldn’t even let us in the store. Also, they basically had a bodyguard at the front door telling people to put a mask on which was really weird.

In conclusion, I don’t know what is going to happen in the next couple months, I don’t even know if I’m going back to school this fall, I don’t know if the milk market is going to crash, I don’t know if the governor is going to smarten up (but no one knows that), and what I do know is we’re going to have to get used to this weird thing, it might be here for a while.

-C. Bragg



My life in quarantine has been kind of eventful. I sleep in every single day of the week. Which is a very nice thing to do. I have a messed up eating schedule. I skip meals or I eat too many meals. I wake up, either do chores or just paint or something. I usually wouldn’t bug my parents this much, but I do now, whoops. I would usually get up, have breakfast sometimes, get ready, but now my life is no longer on a schedule, and I don’t really like it. […] I have been more mentally unstable. But, I have learned I like to cook and paint, which really helps my mind stay active. I have not had the best quarantine, I’ve been mostly crying and or having fun I guess. It has just been hard. Not being able to see my dad, is the top difficult thing about this crisis. He is very unstable on a regular basis, but now he is in a sober house, which is better than being homeless. I think it is equally negative as positive. […]

I have missed the things that I took for granted. Like being able to see people without a mask and without having to be a certain amount of distance away. I miss being able to just go out and have fun with friends even if it is not that fun. I have enjoyed being able to be outside, to paint, to cook with my mom, and being able to see my uncle and aunt and two cousins who moved away 2 years ago to Colorado. I didn’t see them for that amount of time. I used to see them on a regular basis but family troubles with mental health for the children had begun, which meant they had to move. And my grandpa died a few months ago so they had to move back to Maine in his house, because he had an oil company that needed to be up and going. I have probably enjoyed sleeping in the MOST! Out of everything. I am not a morning person at all, and it has been great to sleep in.




I have experienced a few changes within the past couple of weeks or so with my eating and exercise habits.  At the beginning of quarantine, I would eat whatever I felt like and wouldn’t work out at all.  Now, I am doing my best to eat healthy and limit my food intake as well as run every other day or more, if I can.  But, that isn’t the only thing that has changed about me; I have become a more positive person during this time.  I am very happy with what quarantine has done to me and hope that this has happened to others as well.

What I have missed most is being able to see people and socialize with people my age.  I have seen a few people during this time.  My uncle owns a business where he builds and sells houses and I helped him finish a house for four weekends and even got paid.  I have also met up with my mom’s friend from work and went on a walk with her.  Lastly, I have gone hiking with one of my friends, but I still wish I could see other people.  I also miss some of my favorite activities, going shopping and trying new places to eat.

-M. Grenier



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