Virtual Farm Field Trip and a Sweet Surprise

On Thursday, May 14th Mrs. Charest and I took 15 of our students on a virtual field trip to my home farm.  You see, every year we take the Atwood Primary School students to the Northeast Expo at the Windsor Fairgrounds.  At the Expo, the children get to experience all kinds of animals and agriculture.  We wanted to a least have them experience some farm animals on this day.  So between our two classes, fifteen children toured the farm and got a chance to see white and gray call ducks, Beltville turkeys, Wyandotte, Rock and Cornish chickens, pigeons, and Nigerian Dwarf goats.  The children loved witnessing the ducks swim in their little ponds and laughed at the gobbling turkeys.  We tried to get the roosters to crow, but they just wouldn’t cooperate.  The internet access on the far side of the farm was a little challenging, but all in all the children got to see some live, farm animals.


For the past few years, Brynn Charest and I have tapped trees at the Atwood Primary School in the spring with our students. Unfortunately, this year we had just started collecting sap when Covid-19 became a reality. We didn’t want the children to miss out on this wonderful learning opportunity so my husband and I bottled 32 small containers of maple syrup at our sugar shack for the children. On Thursday, May 14th Brynn Charest and I set out to deliver maple syrup to our students all over the town of Oakland. The children and their families were glad to see us and we were so happy to see their healthy, smiling faces!

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