Cooking Matters Continues During Closure

 Last spring, the students in Lori Moses’ off-site alternative education class took part in the Cooking Matters program through the UMaine Cooperative Extension. The classes, taught by Community Education Assistant Debbie Barnett, help students learn the very important skill of making a healthy meal on a budget.

The program was so successful that off-site alternative education incorporated once a week classes into their curriculum for the whole 2019-2020 school year.

When the Covid-19 closure occurred, Ms. Moses was determined to not let it eliminate the Cooking Matters program completely. She arranged with Debbie Barnett to purchase the ingredients of a recipe, had the ingredients delivered to students’ homes, and the class participated in Zoom sessions to learn how to make the food.

In a thank you letter to Ms. Barnett, Ms. Moses said, “I just had a Zoom session with a young lady who made your recipes.  She even experimented with the recipes and created something yummy.  I was on Zoom with her when she pulled the steamy BBQ [English muffin pizza] out of the oven.  She was VERY happy and excited.  Deb, thank you so much for what you do for our students!  It sure is appreciated!”

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